Lager & Pilsner

Various types of beer are described as lagers. They are light or dark full-bodied¬ beers with approx. 12° Plato original gravity. All lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast. Bottom-fermenting yeast is ¬¬¬¬fermented at lower temperatures of about 10°C. This makes the process take longer and the beer has to be stored for a longer period of time. Hence the term lager, the German word lager meaning storeroom. They have a smooth, slightly malty character.

The best known lager is Pilsner. Pilsner beer, also known as Pils or beer made by the Pilsner brewing process, is a bottom-fermenting beer named after the city of Pilsen in Bohemia. It has a higher hop content compared to other types of beer and a correspondingly strong smell of hops.

The original gravity is maximum 12.5° Plato. The beer became a very popular lager and export beer and its popularity extended¬ beyond Bohemia. The Pilsner brewing method derived from the already-famous Bavarian process which was mainly based on carefully dried - and therefore very light - malt, nowadays known as Pilsner malt, on slow¬¬, very cold fermentation, and finally¬ long storage in cold caves and deep cellars. The main difference ¬¬between a Pilsner-brewed beer and a light one is that it has a greater hop content, making it more bitter.

Pilsner is now the most widely drunk type of beer in Germany and is popular across the whole world.

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