Fruity and spicy speciality beers

There is probably no such thing as a classic definition of fruit ­ beers. Most people would be more than likely to think of Belgian lambic-style beers, such as Kriek, which is brewed with cherries. But it is here that  the­­ stylistic boundaries become blurred, and again, giving a clear definition of spicy beers is challenging.

Lots of Steamworks beers are unique speciality ­beers fermented with fruit, vegetables or spices. That's why we classify them under the umbrella description of fruity and spicy speciality beers. For example, there's Jasmine IPA , a classic, very hoppy IPA, which is fermented with fresh jasmine flowers in the maturation tank. The floral aroma of the jasmine flowers is complemented by aromatic­ hops, so retains its IPA character. But still difficult to categorise in terms of classic beer styles.

As is also the case with White Angel IPA, an India Pale Ale with a hoppy aroma and the spiciness of a Belgian witbier - so sweet orange peel, coriander seeds and a certain amount of wheat malt.  One could say that White Angel is a hybrid beer.

Not to forget this year's summer hit, the killer Cucumber Ale ... stands to reason a summer ale ... brewed with fresh organic cucumbers.

The Steamworks Brewery makes lots of other speciality beers, that are all worth sampling. Never mind the type of beer - or not.

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